Sleep Study Photo Share

Join the sleep study photo share and help others who are about to have a sleep study, so they know what to expect.

I find that sleep studies are a very strange and unnatural procedure that don't really help apart from the confirmation diagnosis.

Sleep apnea is not a pleasant disorder and people build a picture in their mind of someone snoring their head off!

Those who don't have sleep apnea are not often aware of the awful side effects that we have to put up with.

I try to make light of my affliction and see the funny side of it.

There are many different sleep apnea studies that can be done and this will depend on your circumstances, the doctor and the hospital or sleep clinic you attend. The sleep study photo share is an opportunity for you to show how your study was carried out.

sleep apnea studyMy home sleep study December 2016

Sleep study photo share is for you to share your pictures and experiences

Do you have a sleep study photo to share?

Sleep apnea is not the sexiest thing to be afflicted with

Not a very flattering picture of me!

This picture of me is a sleep study I did in December 2016 and taken after a nights sleep, that's why I look a bit rough!.

It was a home study. I had an appointment at the sleep clinic to collect the equipment and shown how to use it. This was on the day of the sleep study. 

I took the equipment home with me and fitted it that night when I was ready to go to bed. I had trouble setting the device but my husband Dave managed to do it.

The next day I took the equipment back to the sleep clinic so they could download and analyse the data.

My home sleep study January 2017

Follow-up Sleep Study

This picture was taken of me the following morning of my January follow-up sleep study as the December study I did wasn't successful. I followed the same procedure as in the December study.

Collected the machine from the hospital, wired myself up for sleep and then took the machine back to the hospital in the morning so the data could be downloaded.

And this one was successful!

The results showed that I had no apneas, my sleep apnea was gone. I was thrilled. All my hard work of training myself to nose breath had worked.

Photos Show What To Expect

I've had many sleep studies over the years and never thought of taking any photos!

For people about to embark on their first sleep study, I think photos are a great way of showing what to expect.

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