Sleep Apnea Cure

Sleep Apnea Cures that will stop the symptoms

Most sleep apnea sufferers believe that the only sleep apnea cures come in the form of a device. Relief from the symptoms through using a device is very short lived. Doctors will not tell you that there are sleep apnea cures, other ways to do this because they probably don't know of effective treatments apart from devices.

Stop Sleep Apnea Completely?

Nose Breathing
Incorrect or dysfunction breathing plays a huge role in sleep apnea. As mentioned in Sleep Apnea Causes, incorrect breathing is most likely to be the cause of your sleep apnea, although not always.

sleep apnea curesNose Breathing Sleep Apnea Cures

Learning to breathe correctly may sound a bit strange, who needs to learn how to breathe, we all do it without even thinking about it. But over the years we develop bad habits and start to breathe through our mouths.

By doing this we take in too much oxygen, more than our body actually needs. When we are habitual mouth breathers we also become habitual mouth breathers at night! This is when you have the problem with sleep apnea.

You need to retain yourself to breathe through your nose during the day and night time nose breathing will follow and this will stop sleep apnea.

Tape Up Your Mouth

Micropore tape for sleep apneaMicropore tape

By taping up the mouth at night before sleep this stops breathing through the mouth and in turn stops sleep apnea. We do not have any control over how we breathe while we sleep so the easiest way to stop mouth breathing is to tape the mouth up.

This does not stop sleep apnea completely, only for the time you tape your mouth. If the next night you don't tape your mouth you will breathe through your mouth and have apneas again.

The great thing about this is that its so easy to do and the next morning you wake up fully refreshed because you've had a good nights sleep. I find this an absolute necessity for getting me through the days and not needing an afternoon nap.

Not Suitable for Everyone

If you have nasal breathing problems and can't breathe through your nose then this may not be suitable for you.

Some of you will say this is dangerous. No more dangerous than trying to take out a MAD device, which can be really difficult to do. By the way, a MAD device is designed to keep the mouth closed while you sleep.

Some readers may be horrified by this! Thinking that mouth taping is dangerous and not safe, everyone has their own opinion. I use it because I couldn't get on with CPAP or MAD devices. But the results are brilliant. 

My Doctor thinks I'm Mad!

When I tried explaining to my doctor, at my last sleep clinic appointment that I was learning to breathe through my nose and taping up my mouth at night, he just laughed at me and wouldn't discuss it any further. He said the only successful ways to treat sleep apnea were either through a CPAP device or a MAD device. I can't get on with either of these so I'm not one of his successful candidates!

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