Easy Vegetables To Grow

Easy vegetables to grow!
Some vegetables are so easy to grow and need very little looking after. Only a small space or a few pots are required and a bit of watering. Anyone could do this!

Vegetables that are easy to grow include the following:

  • carrots
  • kale
  • onions
  • garlic
  • spinach
  • potatoes
  • coriander
  • peppers
  • cucumbers
  • lettuce leaves

Could You Grow Your Own?

To be organic you could grow your own vegetable garden! You would know your vegetables are fresh, healthy and safe. It would also save you money and you might find that you actually enjoy it!

"How?" I here you say!
You don't need much space, much money or much skill!

I started growing my own fruit and vegetables last year but started with really easy to grow stuff. I bought a few packets of cheap seeds that could be planted in the ground from March onward. 

I used some pots that I already had for sewing salad leaves and used tools that I already had for gardening. So all it has cost me is a few pounds for seeds and the time and energy preparing the soil and planting.

What You Need

  • You need a small patch of ground or some pots
  • compost if planting in pots
  • a few basic tools to dig over the ground or to plant in pots.
  • some vegetable seeds, start with easy vegetables to grow
  • some vegetable bulbs, ie onions and garlic

Prepare the Soil

I planted some seeds in a small patch of the garden I prepared and they were all easy vegetables to grow.

Dig over the soil to take out all the weeds and make sure the soil is a nice breadcrumb like tilth.

This is how I did it.

Preparing the soil

  • I started with a small patch of ground in the garden and planted carrots, kale, onions and garlic.
  • I dug the area over, breaking up the soil as this area of the garden hadn't been used for much for a while. I removed all weeds and stones.  
  • I then raked the soil until it resembled breadcrumbs as this makes it easier for planting and growing and creating a nurturing environment.  

I put sticks over the seeds and bulbs to stop my cat rolling in the soil which he loves to do, I didn't want him squashing my seedlings! The sticks over the onion and garlic bulbs were to stop the birds pinching them.  

My small veg patch in my garden just after I planted vegetable seeds
August and everything is ready to harvest!

Planting Vegetable Seeds


  • I used seeds for the carrots and kale and bulbs for the onions and garlic.
  • I made drills in the soil about 12 inches apart. I put the carrot seeds in the first drill, not too many as they need space to grow.
  • The second drill I sowed kale seeds, again not too many and not to close together.
  • The third drill I planted onion bulbs about 5 inches apart. I bought the bulbs from the garden centre.
  • The fourth drill I planted garlic bulbs about 4 inches apart. Again I bought these from the garden centre.
  • I planted these in March and planted more carrots and kale in May for succession.
  • Label the drills of seeds and bulbs so you know where you have planted and what you have planted.

Weed and Water!

Weeding on a weekly basis keeps weeds under control, you can view the progress of your plants and its good exercise! Great for reducing stress.

Make sure you water your seeds and bulbs every week but more often when the weather gets warmer. In the summer you will probably need to do this every other day.

Such easy vegetables to grow and with hardly any looking after, what could be easier.


I grow coriander in a pot and keep it by the back door so I can pick it as I want it. I add it to so many dishes, I just love the flavor. This is one of my favorites!

Easy Vegetables to Grow & Organic

I also planted seeds in pots, coriander, spinach and lettuce, these are really easy vegetables to grow. I keep these pots near the back door so I can pick them while I'm preparing meals so I don't have to walk all the way up to the veg patch.

I have some pepper plants and some cucumber plants growing in pots near the house so I can keep an eye on them.

Home grown vegetables have more nutrients than shop bought vegetables, so much tastier and so much fun to grow!

You will be amazed at how much pleasure you get from eating something you have grown yourself.

By using home grown vegetables and even fruits, you know exactly what has been used to grow them with the satisfaction of knowing you have grown them without harmful chemicals.

Most organic veg have been grown with some chemicals but home grown won't be grown with any chemicals at all. They will be 100% organic!

Easy vegetables to grow - Spinach

Organic Feed

A wonderful nutritious and cheap way of organically feeding your plants is to Compost, using your own homemade compost.

If you have a small space or even a compost bin, you can put all your garden waste to good use and then when it has broken down into compost, use it on you veg patch to mulch.

Homemade Compost
Compost is easy to make. You can make it in a special compost bin, you can purchase these from Original Organics, or if you have a piece of ground roughly 3ft x 3ft that you could ring fence. I get all my compost supplies from Original Organics, I started with a plastic composting bin from them and progressed to homemade bays.

But when I first started composting I hadn't got a clue what I was doing and always emailing Original Organics to ask questions to find out if I was doing it right. Original Organics also supply compost accessories to help make the process of composting as easy as possible.

Just put all your garden waste on the compost including your vegetable garden waste. Warning: don't put any kind of raw or cooked food on it. Put plenty of brown waste on it, which includes paper and cardboard.

Cover with an old piece of carpet. Turn it once every couple of months and leave for a year and then it will be ready to use to mulch your vegetable patch.

What to put on your compost heap
You can put lots of waste on your compost heap including vegetable peelings, fruit peelings, plant clippings, grass cuttings, tea bags, cardboard egg boxes, cardboard and paper. I put all my shredding on my compost.

What NOT to put on your compost heap
Don't put any meat or dairy products on your compost heap and also no plastics, metals or glass. Its also a good idea not to put weeds on the compost.

Fresh When You Want Them

Vegetables you have grown yourself will be so fresh. Have you ever wondered how old the vegetables are that you buy, when they were actually harvested.

You can pick them as you need them and don't have to worry about going out to buy them. You have them on tap in your garden!

Save Money with Home Grown Vegetables!

Home grown vegetables work out so much cheaper than buying from the shop and reduces your food bill.

If you only buy a few packets of easy to grow vegetables or even a variety pack of seeds, you will have saved quite a bit by the end of the year. 

Wouldn't you want to reduce your food bills and encourage your kids to eat healthier.

The Results!

You will be pleasantly surprised by your harvest. I find it very satisfying when I cook and serve up foods that I have grown myself, I have a huge sense of pride! 

And they were easy vegetables to grow, easy enough for anyone to grow.

easy vegetables to growMy harvest of easy vegetables to grow!

Outdoor Exercise

Growing veg provides you with excellent outdoor exercise, digging, hoeing, watering and harvesting, keeping you fit. 

Gardening is a wonderful stress reliever.

You can involve the whole family, have fun and create precious memories.

Have fun growing your home grown vegetables, it doesn't have to be taken too seriously and you may enjoy it and become keen growers! Just start with easy vegetables to grow to build your confidence.

Sometimes nature throws in a comedy act like these two carrots below having a cuddle! How wonderful nature is, make the most of it.

My funny easy vegetables to grow

Update Jan 2020

I haven't bought any carrots, onions or garlic for almost six months now because I'm still using my crop from last year! That's a big saving on the food shop.

Carrots, I dig up as I need them and I have onions and garlic hanging in the shed.

I'm now getting ready to plant for this year. I have extended my vegetable bed so I can grow more. I'm now getting the soil ready by digging it over and added some of my homemade compost to it.

I intend to grow more of my own so I can save more money and have more organic veg.

Wishing you vibrant health!

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