Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes To Help Students

Reiki classes, which are also known as Reiki shares, are an excellent way for students and past students to practice in a friendly, nurturing and non-judgmental environment where they can practice Reiki to build their confidence.

Not everyone has the confidence to start seeing clients straight after their training.

I usually hold Reiki classes or Reiki shares once a month in the evenings for a couple of hours. I love the way like minded people interact and share experiences and sometimes concerns and a great way to answer questions and learn from others.

The reason I hold the share sessions is to support my students, I don’t think its ethical to train them and leave them to it.

I like to make sure they are fully equipped to put their learning into practice, this may just be working on themselves, family and friends or they may want to go on to run their own therapy practice.

Whatever they decide to do with their skills is an individual choice but I always reassure students that I am here to assist in any way I possibly can.

New Students

New students at level 1 may need guidance and extra tuition which is available through the monthly Reiki shares.

They have the opportunity to work with clients and ask questions if not sure about anything which increases their confidence.

From talking to my level 1 students I have found that the share evenings help them to decide their future participation in Reiki.

Some say they only want to work on family and friends while others say they definitely want to work with clients and take further Reiki courses.

Level 2 Students

For students to share experiences is so important for their development. They build new relationships, students who are therapist of other types of therapy, go on to experience other therapies that they might not have done before.

They can recommend therapies and therapists to their friends and clients because they can speak from experience and word of mouth recommendation is better than any other form of promotion.       

When I did my Reiki training many years ago I trained with a kinesiologist, a chiropractor, an aromatherapist and a trainee homeopathy practitioner.

I received treatments from all these friends which gave me a wonderful insight into the different therapies.

Reiki classes

Level 3/Master Students

Level 3 and Master students often have new ideas they want to try out and I allow them the freedom to experiment.

As younger people come through the training I always find their ideas and initiatives refreshing as they can put a new perspective on different issues.

Hopefully they will go on to run their own Reiki share evenings for the development of their students.

Potential New Clients

For people I meet who are interested in having a Reiki treatment but may be nervous or apprehensive about booking a treatment, I invite them along to a Reiki class so they can have a taster session to find out what it’s like to experience Reiki, like a try before you buy session.

This is a wonderful way of introducing people to Reiki who may go on to become clients, it’s a wonderful promotional tool that has no costs involved.

It is also a wonderful way of introducing people to Reiki who may not have gone on to experience the beauty of Reiki. This also gives new students the opportunity to work with real clients.

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