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We should all be living joyous, happy, healthy lives. Fleet Holistics would like to help you achieve that. Sometimes life’s issues get in the way and over time we stop functioning at our optimum level. Emotions from experiences in life and the traumas of life affect our state of mind which affect our state of health.

All of your experiences in life have an effect on your emotions on a subconscious level. How you were treated as a child will remain with you for your entire life, a trauma or unpleasant experience can suddenly change your personality, change your outlook on life, or an ailment may develop that you didn’t have prior to the incident. Most ailments today are linked to stress which could be environmental stress, work stress, emotional stress, all have an effect subconsciously.

Through Reiki, EFT and Nutrition you can change the way you feel mentally and physically, improving your health and well-being. By taking a holistic approach you can heal and maintain health.

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Reiki will realign the imbalances in the body that have occurred from negative emotion. Health is maintained by a balanced flow of life energy and when this flow is interrupted or disturbed, illness occurs. Reiki clears and re-balances the flow of energy to restore health. Reiki also induces relaxation and reduces stress.


EFT can clear physical and emotional pain, eliminate unwanted habits, can clear deep seated negative emotions that have been with you for years. EFT works by removing unwanted negative emotions and improving overall health in mind and body. EFT can be used at anytime by anyone and often works when nothing else will.

The beauty of EFT is that you can try it on anything:

  • It can fight phobias, emotions from trauma and abuse, control addictions and cravings and so much more.
  • It can help you to achieve success, improve motivation, improve relationships, improve confidence and much more.


Nutrition will bring the body back to optimum health. You cannot feed your body poor nutrition and expect it to perform at its best.

By giving your body the right foods to eat according to your health condition, will improve your health greatly. But feeding your body poor nutritional foods and foods that make your ailment worse will make your condition worse having a downward spiral effect on your health.

Your vital organs require certain nutrients to function properly and if they don't get those essential nutrients they stop working at their best which compromises your health.

Both emotional and physical imbalances must be addressed to be totally healthy and happy and Fleet Holistics offer you the resources here for you to live joyous lives.

Treat your mind and body with respect, life is a precious gift and should be treated as such.

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